Our Congo Projects

Our Congo projects

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is one of the richest countries in the world in natural resources. Its people are among the poorest. Exploitation of the Congo’s resources by the Western world dates back to King Leopold of Belgium who established military camps to extort rubber and tusks from villagers. Resource exploitation continues today, especially with coltan, which is used in electronic devices. Armed conflicts in the Congo’s mineral rich regions have killed millions and left pervasive poverty in their wake.

Most schools in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are in dire condition. This is the result of extreme poverty, internal conflicts and a lack of funding for education, despite the Congo’s mineral wealth.

Primary and secondary schools are surviving because of the determination of parents, teachers and church leaders. Bayabi Foundation believes that all children deserve quality schools in which to thrive. Because of this, the Bayabi Foundation want to help Congolese people to build and organize primary and secondary schools together with the parents and teachers. One of our goals is to have more secondary schools which will open and share the new school buildings with the primary school (primary students attending in the morning and secondary in the afternoon). Because previously, students dropped out at the end of sixth grade or walked many miles to the nearest high school.

Even though these schools are public schools, there is no regular source of funding (either public or private) for construction, books, scholarships, teacher training or transportation to remote schools. Your help is much needed to support these schools.


In 3 provinces in western Congo: Bandundu (14 schools), Equateur (10 schools) and Kinshasa (1 school). The Bayabi Foundation has projects in all of those provinces.

Our Goals

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Goal: School Construction

Most Congo’s school are made with stick benches under palm leaf roofs, mud and thatch huts or deteriorating brick buildings with rusting tin roofs. Bayabi Foundation’s challenges is to transform these schools into durable, high quality educational environments. New schools need to be built or repaired to make sure that student attendance and test scores...

Goal: Free schooling

To give children in Congo the opportunity to receive higher education and motivated children to continue studying. To support adults by offering them higher education. We stimulate the independence of the local population in Congo to make children and adults aware of the workings of democracy. Furthermore, we stimulate them...

Goal: School desks

All 25 schools supported by Bayabi Foundation are in big trouble. There is a substantial lack of (good) school desks. The children sit on the floor or work at very simple and worn out desks. These desks are bad for their posture and don’t offer enough space for exercise books....

Goal: School supplies

To provide pupils with new school supplies: pens, exercise books, pencils, gums, pencil sharpeners, rulers, blackboards, mules, … etc.

Goal: Textbooks

To provide all schools with sufficient textbooks.

Goal: Teacher Training

Bayabi Foundation builds competent teachers in order to build compassionate students who will build caring communities.

Goal: Motorcycles

Motorcycles – given to help education supervisors reach remote school.