About us


BANA YA BIKORO FOUNDATION (BAYABI FOUNDATION) aims to bring about better living conditions to people in the Democratic Republic of Congo, especially children, women and seniors, through the improvement of their Health and  Education conditions.

Our objectives for schools are:

1. Replace deteriorated schools with durable buildings that have desks, black boards, tin roofs, concrete floors and latrines.  In these new classrooms, teachers can teach without leaking roofs, and students can learn without having to carry stools to school to avoid wet dirt floors.

2. Provide teacher training in current teaching methods and ways to secure up-to-date information.

3. Provide current textbooks. Most teachers have no textbooks.

4. Provide scholarships to make it possible for students with few financial resources to attend school. Girls and orphans are especially in need of these.

5. Provide motorcycles for supervisors to reach remote schools. Before the cycles were provided, supervisors sometimes walked or rode bicycles up to 150 miles to visit a school.


BAYABI FOUNDATION’s vision is to give a chance to children, women and seniors of the Democratic Republic of Congo to access proper Education and  Health conditions.


BAYABI FOUNDATION’s mission is to assist children, women and seniors from disadvantaged backgrounds of the Democratic Republic of Congo to find solutions which empower them to exercise their health and education rights.


BAYABI FOUNDATION is a partnership between people living in Developed countries and those in developing countries.
•             Accountability and Transparency
•             Community-led approach
•             Concrete and palpable actions