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Bayabi Foundation

Creating better living conditions for Children, Women, Seniors, Transforming Schools, Lives and the Future in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

BAYABI FOUNDATION stand for “Bana ya Bikoro foundation” means “Bikoro Kids foundation

We are a charity organization & you can become involved in making a difference for our Congo children, sisters and brothers. You can help us in our challenges and goals. 


BANA YA BIKORO FOUNDATION (BAYABI) aims to bring about better living conditions to people in the Democratic Republic of Congo, especially children, women and seniors, through the improvement of their Education and Health Education conditions.  

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Our Congo projects

Congolese children deserve quality schools in which to thrive. Our projects are build and rebuild Primary school for girls and boys, secondary school, technical medical school and Agriculture schools with durable material in Bikoro.

Bikoro is a village who covers an area of 13.274 square kilometers located at 128 km from the town of Mbandaka, lying on Lake Tumba of the Democratic Republic of Congo, in the Equator province; this is an area covering roughly 498,079 inhabitants. 

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Providing an opportunity for children, women and seniors.